About the Program

  • The PIF Graduate Development Program (GDP) is a world-class development initiative that seeks to attract, develop top Saudi talents to fit current and future market needs.
  • The GDP is delivered in partnership between the PIF Academy and some of the world’s renowned schools.
  • The GDP was first launched in 2017 and welcomed 40 Saudi graduates every year before expanding to 84 places in 2019. This year, the GDP aims to increase the selected number of candidates to about 120.
  • The Graduate Development Program is the cornerstone of the PIF Academy which was established in 2017, as one of the key pillars for PIF’s Program 2018-2020, which aims to build human capital capabilities.

Program Details

  • Delivered over a period of ten months, the program combines classroom learning, on-the-job training and regular assessments along different tracks.
  • Each track is designed to provide candidates with the necessary technical knowledge skillsets to support their future careers.
  • Program tracks are as follow:
    • Investment
    • Cyber Security & IT
    • Business Management
    • Finance & Treasury
    • Project Management & Consultancy
    • Public Policy
  • To be eligible, prospective trainees must be Saudi nationals with a top Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from Saudi or international universities.
  • This year, PIF GDP is accepting about 120 graduates from all majors and academic backgrounds.
  • Submission are officially open from February 2nd, 2020 until April 15th, 2020.
  • Interested candidates are encouraged to apply through the link
  • For any other questions that are not addressed in the Program Booklet or the FAQ document please send a clear query with a clear subject to the following email address: GDP@pif.gov.sa
If you do not have an English proficiency certificate, please book your IELTS test from the British Council links below:
  • Computer Delivered (CD) IELTS Registrations here
  • Paper Based (PB) IELTS Registrations here
Note: Graduating from the Graduate Development Program does not necessarily guarantee you a job at the Public Investment Fund.