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PIF Executives Management​


Turqi A. Al-Nowaiser

Head of International Investments Division

Yazeed A. Al-Humied

Chief of Staff

Rashed I. Sharif

Head of Local Holdings Investments Division

Aiman M. AlMudaifer

Head of Local Real Estate Investments Division


Yasir A. AlSalman

Chief Financial Officer

Bander A. Mogren

Chief Operating Officer

Alireza Zaimi

Head of Corporate Finance Division

Shihana S. AlAzzaz

Secretary General to the Board‫ ‬and Head of Legal Affairs


Rakan W. Tarabzoni

Head of Corporate Communications Department

Martin Botha

Head of Risk Department

Richard A. Collins

Head of Compliance Department

Dennis Johnson

Chief Strategist​​​


Mike Cheng

Head of Internal Audit​​​​