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The PIF Graduate Development Program​

A Challenging And Transformative Learning Journey
The learning journey will be delivered over a 10-month period combining the below phases:
Classroom Training
A four-month of classroom training to develop core skills and knowledge through a range of learning activities, excercises, experiences, and projects.
On-The-Job Training
After completing Phase one, a sixth-month OJT journey will begin to work alongside leaders and experts in their field, learning how to turn your academic knowledge into best industry practice.
Who We Are Looking For?
Personal Qualities
  • 01
    Ready, willing and able to give their total commitment
  • 02
    Open to learning and working in a challenging environment
  • 03
    Are good team players, able to work collaboratevily
  • 04
    Willing to take responsibility and to be held accountable for their work
  • 01
    Saudi Nationals who hold a bachelor or master degree
  • 02
    Achieved a minimum of 3.75 out of 5 GPA or equivalent
  • 03
    Fresh graduate with less than 1 year experience
  • 04
    English language proficiency a minimum of 6 IELTS score or equivalent
  • 05
    Graduated in 2019 and after
Eligibility Critiria

What Our Graduates Say ?​

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