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​​The Public Investment Fund is seeking to become a leading global impactful investor in line with the objective of Vision 2030 and to drive the economic transformation of Saudi Arabia, through active long- term investments and maintaining high standards of governance and transparency.

The Public Investment Fund is developing a portfolio of high quality domestic and international investme​nts, diversified across sectors, geographies and asset classes.

Working alongside global strategic partners and renowned investment managers, PIF acts as the Kingdom’s main investment arm to deliver a strategy focused on achieving attractive financial returns and long-term value for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At home, PIF is driving strategic and sustainable diversification in line with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, and is supporting key sectors by creating and investing in commercially viable opportunities, enabling growth in different industries for the private sector. The Fund remains committed to holding a strong and diversified portfolio of investments in the Kingdom, including listed and privately held companies. As part of this commitment the Fund is working to unlock value within the domestic portfolio and create globally-competitive national champions across multiple sectors.

Internationally, PIF is investing in a diversified portfolio across a range of asset classes. PIF has already invested in some of the world’s most innovative companies, forming partnerships that will ensure Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of emerging trends while supporting the Kingdom’s development consistent with the Vision 2030 blueprint.


  • Saudi Holding

  • Saudi Sector Development

  • Saudi Real Estate & Infrastructure Development

  • Saudi Giga-Projects

  • International Strategic Investments

  • International Diversif​ied Po​ol​


The Public Investment Fund’s investments include:


Energy, Manufacturing and Mining

Technology and Communications

Financial and Real Estate Services

Agriculture and Food

Utilities, Transportation and Infrastructure