Faces of PIF

Discover how our employees across different divisions are making a difference and creating a positive impact.

  • Khalid AlAbdulKarim
    08 May 2023
    Khalid AlAbdulKarim
    Vice President, Shared Services Center for PIF’s Portfolio Companies
    AlAbdulKarim’s passion and interest in finance landed him his first role with the Fund in 2020. Today, his work allows him to support Saudi Vision 2030.  
  • Thamer Badhris
    16 August 2022
    Thamer Badhris
    National Development Division
    Since joining the Fund, Badhris has contributed to the PIF Strategy 2021-2025, which includes a plan for real estate projects – a personal interest. 
  • Saleem
    08 May 2022
    Saleem Alsharari
    Planning and Operations Department
    PIF employees’ sincerity and dedication first attracted Alsharari to join the Fund. He believes the Fund is special because each day starts with new challenges and opportunities to learn and improve. 
  • Omar Algrnas
    29 March 2022
    Omar Algrnas
    PIF’s Portfolio Companies Affairs Department
    The support Algrnas receives at PIF has helped him in developing his skills to manage projects that establish corporate governance frameworks for PIF. 
  • Rawan Alharbi
    28 February 2022
    Rawan Alharbi
    Analyst, Global Capital Finance Division
    Alharbi finds her work provides an excellent platform for developing her career skills and pursuing her goals in the areas of advisory, strategy and planning. 
  • Ziyad Alagil
    21 December 2020
    Ziyad Alagil
    Senior Analyst, Shared Services Division
    As a Senior Analyst, Alagil reaffirms the Fund’s role as a catalyst for change, in line with Saudi Vision 2030.
  • Reem Al Redbdi
    30 November 2020
    Reem Al Redbdi
    Senior Analyst, Investment Operations Division
    Moments like the recent G20 summit, held in Saudi Arabia, affirm Al Redbdi’s belief in a strong future for PIF and the nation.
  • Sultan AlSalhi
    19 November 2020
    Sultan AlSalhi
    Corporate Communications Division
    During his four years of experience at PIF, AlSalhi has seen the Fund evolve, rising in ranks to become one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world.
  • Ahmad Alakail
    18 November 2021
    Ahmad Alakail
    Vice President, Project Management
    Since joining PIF in 2018, Alakail has worked on projects contributing to Saudi Arabia’s transformation, shifting his perspective on what a professional job can be.
  • Sultan Alharbi
    31 October 2021
    Sultan Alharbi
    Associate, Media Affairs and External Communications Department
    Alharbi believes that his experience on many PIF projects across different sectors has helped develop his skills and made him more passionate about his job. 
  • Yara AlNajran
    04 October 2021
    Yara AlNajran
    Associate, Talent Acquisition in the Human Capital Department
    Passionate about youth empowerment, AlNajran has been integral to developing recruitment strategies that attract the best talent globally. 
  • Dalal Alessa
    28 September 2021
    Dalal Alessa
    Senior Associate, Treasury Department
    Alessa’s financial background inspired her to become an essential part of PIF’s team, contributing to Saudi Arabia’s transformation and future.
  • Yasser Aldawood
    09 September 2020
    Yasser Aldawood
    Project Management Manager, Chief of Staff Division
    Aldawood speaks about the importance of establishing a tight-knit culture that is conducive to creating a positive impact on PIF employees striving for the improvement of Saudi Arabia. 
  • Shamlan Alshamlan
    28 August 2021
    Shamlan Alshamlan
    Senior Associate, Information Technology Shared Services. 
    With his degree in engineering and his work experience at renowned Chinese and European organizations, Alshamlan is working to enhance the Fund’s performance.  
  • Mazen Alfuraih
    31 July 2021
    Mazen Alfuraih
    Director of PIF’s Portfolio Management, Local Real Estate Investments
    Alfuraih and his team manage a range of local projects, from conception to execution. These projects are pioneering a new future for Saudi Arabia, in line with Saudi Vision 2030. 
  • Rola Alkhaldi
    23 July 2021
    Rola Alkhaldi
    Compliance Department
    Alkhaldi discusses how PIF’s working environment helps her meet her professional needs – while also enjoying spending time with her colleagues.
  • Sara Albrahim
    10 July 2021
    Sara Albrahim
    Performance Reporting & Analytics Associate, Finance Department
    Albrahim enjoys being part of a team with international backgrounds. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she completed her MBA from Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College of Business & Entrepreneurship. 
  • Waad Al Rougi
    01 July 2021
    Wa’ad Al Rougi
    Chief Of Staff Office
    Al Rougi is passionate about her work at PIF, which involves communicating with diplomats and arranging VIP visits. 
  • Khaled Kreidie
    20 June 2021
    Khaled Kreidie
    Real Estate and Infrastructure, International Investment Division
    Kreidie feels lucky to have been part of PIF’s emergence as a global investment powerhouse. He has played a role in many landmark transactions since joining PIF in 2016.
  • Muteb Alotaibi
    23 March 2021
    Muteb Alotaibi
    Contracts and Procurement Department
    Over the last two years, Alotaibi has seen how the Fund invests in youth and talent, cementing his belief that Saudi citizens’ determination will drive the modern transformation of the country.