Meet #ThePIFExperts behind the Fund's strategy to enable promising sectors and working towards the goals of #SaudiVision2030
meet the experts
  • Bakr AlMuhanna
    19 December 2021
    Bakr AlMuhanna
    Head of Transport & Logistics Sector
    AlMuhanna discusses how Saudi Arabia’s location supports its aim to be a global hub for transport and logistics, in line with the PIF Strategy 2021-2025. 
  • Sheikha AlJubair
    02 January 2022
    Sheikha AlJubair
    Portfolio Companies Affairs Department
    AlJubair shares how the Fund supports its portfolio companies with corporate governance, in line with achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.
  • Jerry Todd
    16 January 2022
    Jerry Todd
    Head of National Development Division
    Todd speaks about the Fund’s strategic investments playing a vital role in transforming Saudi Arabia. 
  • Muhammad AlDawood
    30 January 2022
    Muhammad AlDawood
    Head of Industrials and Mining Sector
    AlDawood talks about how the sector’s local impact aligns with Vision 2030, which places mining as a third pillar of the Saudi economy. 
  • Lamees Al-Haidari
    13 February 2022
    Lamees Al-Haidari
    Head of People Development
    Al-Haidari speaks about how the Fund constantly develops the skills and talents of its employees.
  • Taylor Agisim
    27 February 2022
    Taylor Agisim
    MENA Investments Division
    Agisim discusses how PIF is assisting Saudi Arabia’s entertainment, leisure and sports sector in improving the quality of life for Saudi citizens. 
  • Areej Naqshbandi
    13 March 2022
    Areej Naqshbandi
    Head of the Project Management Department
    Naqshbandi shares PIF’s success stories and how the Fund’s investments are marking important milestones across businesses.
  • Muhammad AlShiha
    27 March 2022
    Muhammad AlShiha
    Head of Automotive & Mobility Sector
    AlShiha talks about how the sector is integral to Saudi Arabia’s transformation, in line with Saudi Vision 2030. 
  • Muhammad Ovais Yousuf
    10 April 2022
    Muhammad Ovais Yousuf
    Head of Aviation and Security Sector
    Yousuf outlines the Fund’s plan to boost commercial aviation and more in Saudi Arabia.