Managers Gate

Managers Gate

PIF places a strong emphasis on collaborating with all investment managers to enhance its portfolio through the Managers Gate.

About the External Managers Program

PIF Managers Gate is your door to the MENA External Managers Program, which focuses on investments within the MENA region. The program actively seeks skilled and innovative managers across various asset classes to collaborate and explore potential partnerships.

Engaging with emerging talents, as well as international counterparties looking to enter the regional market, this program's approach ensures that PIF maintains a well-rounded portfolio, maximizes returns, and fosters development and growth in the regional asset management industry.

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PIF Portfolio Management Development Program

Explore our Portfolio Management Development Program, dedicated to elevating Saudi Arabia's financial market standards. We deliver a comprehensive educational experience aimed at empowering individuals with essential insights and competencies for success in portfolio management. our program offers a gold standard in executive education and embodies international best practices aligned with the vision 2030.


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PIF is shaping the future of investment in the MENA region. Start your journey with the Fund's Managers Gate and contribute to driving growth and delivering exceptional returns.

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