Arab News: Saudi Coffee Company to open up specialty beans to a global audience

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28 February 2023 Riyadh, KSA
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  • One of the world’s finest coffees, known as Khawlani, is produced in Saudi Arabia’s Jazan region, says Arab News
  • PIF-owned Saudi Coffee Company aims to sustainably grow Saudi coffee output from 300 to 2,500 tons per year over the next decade
  • SCC will create jobs, upskill farmers and boost efforts to export Jazan coffee internationally

Saudi Arabia produces one of the world's finest coffees, known as Khawlani, long known to be the very best of the Arabica variety, highlighted Arab News in a feature focused on one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

The bean takes its name from the ancient tribes of the Khawlan, who have lived in the mountainous regions of Jazan and have been cultivating the bean for the past 500 years.

Today, the specialty coffee is mostly consumed within Saudi Arabia, Arab News noted. But that is about to change following last year's launch of the PIF-owned Saudi Coffee Company (SCC), which is investing in every stage of coffee production – from cultivation to cup – to bring Jazan's coffee to a global consumer base.

Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia's blueprint for economic reform, focuses on diversifying from fossil fuels into many strategic domestic sectors, including food and agriculture, that create prosperity for future generations. As a catalyst for the nationwide roadmap, PIF launched SCC to localize coffee-related industries and enhance their contribution to Saudi Arabia's domestic product through sustainable agriculture development in the Jazan region.

SCC plans an investment of approximately SAR 1.2 billion over the next decade, to grow Saudi coffee output from 300 to 2,500 tons per year.

This will create thousands of job opportunities for young people in the national coffee sector, and also boost efforts to export Jazan coffee internationally. Career prospects will be further enhanced by the establishment of an SCC academy to train Saudi talents, Arab News noted.

Read the full Arab News article here.

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