Saudi Coffee Company launches specialty brand JAZEAN

04 September 2023 Riyadh, KSA
Saudi Coffee Company
  • High-quality beans to be sourced from southern Saudi Arabia and globally 
  • PIF-owned company aims to transform local Coffea Arabica into a worldwide product
  • Launch aligns with the Fund’s strategy to unlock opportunities in the food and agriculture sector
The PIF-owned Saudi Coffee Company has announced the launch of its bespoke brand, JAZEAN, which offers a sustainable product using the best Coffea Arabica, with beans sourced from Saudi Arabia and around the world.
The brand’s flavor profile will be deeply representative of the land, climate, and farming practices of Saudi Arabia’s southern coffee belt, home to one of the oldest coffee-growing communities in the world.
Mohammed Zainy, Marketing Director at the Saudi Coffee Company, said: “JAZEAN is a labour of love. Love for our nation, for our culture, and especially our farmers, who have sustained our coffee belts through generations.
“It is a symbol of our aspiration to develop a coffee industry that is rooted in sustainable production, from cultivation through to packaging. By developing JAZEAN, we are putting our local farmers on the map and giving them a platform to contribute to a national brand, which will take our homegrown product global.”
Working with the private sector, the Saudi Coffee Company aims to transform Saudi coffee beans into a global product by enabling the national coffee industry along its complete value chain, from bean to cup. 
With a sustainable approach to production, distribution, and marketing, the company is investing in training farmers in global best practices, creating jobs, and piloting the latest techniques to boost quality yield. 
The launch of JAZEAN aligns with PIF’s strategy to unlock opportunities in the food and agriculture sector, as part of its wider aim of diversifying sources of income for the local economy.
Offering specialty and Saudi coffee products, among others, JAZEAN is now available for online purchase and in select cafes in Saudi Arabia.