The giga-projects are designed to stimulate the economy and their benefits are expected to expand significantly beyond the real estate and infrastructure sectors, helping to diversify the economy away from oil, especially given their sheer scale.


NEOM is evolving as a groundbreaking living laboratory, pioneering entrepreneurship and innovation to shape a transformative future.

Encompassing 26,500 square kilometers, NEOM will operate entirely on renewable energy, fostering a diverse and talented community that delivers globally impactful solutions.

In alignment with Vision 2030, NEOM's circular economy, zero-carbon approach, and innovative design will redefine urban living, promoting sustainability and improving overall quality of life.



Led by the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC), and established in 2018, this transformative giga-project is shaping a cultural, sports, and entertainment landmark.

Qiddiya is poised to redefine destination cities globally, offering the most innovative and immersive experiences. 

Qiddiya is a 376-square-kilometer site that serves a dual economic and social purpose, unlocking inventive professional pathways and enriching the lives of Saudi Arabia's dynamic youth.

Qiddiya facts

Red Sea Global

Established in 2018, Red Sea Global (RSG), developer of two of the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism projects, The Red Sea and Amaala, is putting people and the planet first.

The Red Sea, covering 28,000 square kilometers, is surrounded by the world's fourth-largest barrier reef system. By 2030, the number of visitors will be capped at one million annually.

A cornerstone of Vision 2030, RSG's mission is to diversify the Saudi economy by providing employment opportunities in tourism and hospitality while enhancing the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Red sea


A national real estate developer launched in 2018, ROSHN is committed to delivering modern and aspirational communities for the citizens of Saudi Arabia. 

ROSHN actively contributes to the national goal of achieving a 70% homeownership rate in Saudi Arabia and supports various aspects of Vision 2030.

Through the development of beautifully designed homes, complemented by mosques, retail and F&B outlets, parks, schools, and leisure and entertainment facilities, ROSHN is heralding a new way of community living.


Diriyah Company

Established in 2022, Diriyah Company is dedicated to developing Diriyah, the ancestral home of the Al Saud royal family, which includes a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Proudly offering a blend of cultural, historical, and tourism landmarks, Diriyah Company presents 300 years of Saudi Arabia's rich history to a global audience.

Diriyah Company aligns with PIF’s strategy to focus on unlocking the capabilities of promising sectors, including tourism and culture to support Saudi Arabia’s position regionally and internationally.