The new future

Real Estate
Established 2019
Saudi Arabia

NEOM is an audacious dream - a vision of what a new future might look like

Development of NEOM is progressing rapidly:

NEOM opened its first airport in 2019

It is building the world’s largest green hydrogen plant

Work is underway on THE LINE, a 170-kilometer city

OXAGON will be its reimagined industrial city

Trojena will be NEOM’s skiing destination

About NEOM

Supporting Saudi Vision 2030, NEOM's zero-carbon, circular economy and revolutionary design will reduce urban sprawl and enhance livability.

NEOM will become a community powered by talent and diversity across 14 sectors that will not only diversify the Saudi economy, but offers solutions that other parts of the world can benefit from.

All about Neom

A project unique in scale

The realization of the masterplan for NEOM – the future of work, living and sustainability – is advancing every day.


Facts about this initiative:

  • Located on the coastline of the Red Sea in northwest Saudi Arabia, NEOM is being built as a living laboratory, a place where entrepreneurship and innovation will chart the course for a new future.
  • NEOM will be a destination, a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new model for sustainable living, working and prospering.
  • NEOM will provide a plethora of unique development opportunities, as its strategic coastal Red Sea location is notable for its proximity to international markets and trade routes.
  • NEOM will cover 26,500 square kilometers and will be powered by 100% renewable energy.