Red Sea Global

The world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project

Real Estate
Established 2018
Saudi Arabia

Red Sea Global is pioneering luxury destinations along the west coast of Saudi Arabia

The Red Sea giga-project will span 28,000 square kilometers, and include:

90 untouched islands

50 hotels

Up to 8,000 rooms

1,300 luxury residences

An international airport

About Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global (RSG) is a multi-project developer based in Saudi Arabia, seeking to lead the world toward a more sustainable future. It is the force behind some of the world’s most ambitious tourism ventures, including The Red Sea giga-project and Amaala. One of the world’s last true hidden treasures, The Red Sea is surrounded by the world's fourth-largest barrier reef system and spans over 28,000 square kilometers, with an archipelago of more than 90 untouched islands.

Born out of Vision 2030, RSG was founded to help diversify the Saudi economy and to provide job and training opportunities in industries such as tourism and hospitality.

About Red Sea Global
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Destinations like nothing the world has ever seen

Red Sea Global’s tourism developments will enhance the well-being of both people and planet

Red sea facts

Facts about this initiative:

  • As home to many endemic species, The Red Sea’s variety of islands and coastline offer rare opportunities to enjoy the natural world, together with the highest-quality personalized accommodation and service that will set new standards in luxury travel and position Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map.
  • The Red Sea is preserving 75% of the natural archipelago for conservation. The 22 islands and six inland locations to be developed will offer up to 8,000 hotel rooms and 1,300 luxury hotel-branded residences, with the number of visitors capped at one million annually by 2030.
  • The project aims to achieve a 30% net positive conservation benefit by 2040, achieved by enhancing key habitats that help biodiversity to flourish.