Real Estate
Established in 2022
Saudi Arabia


Boutique Group, a hospitality company fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), develops and operates historic & cultural palaces into ultra-luxury boutique hotels; to enrich the luxury hospitality experience in the Kingdome. Boutique Group promotes Saudi Arabian heritage and culture through redefining the Saudi legacy alluring and unique experiences for the global and local tourist, while preserving its heritage for future generations to come. In its core, Boutique Group delivers a unique ultra-luxury Saudi experience through presenting Saudi heritage in contemporary elegance, contributing in local economy and enhancing the Kingdom's position as a leading cultural tourism destination.


Boutique Group’s core offering features several distinctive elements promoting Saudi Arabian culture and history and conveying a luxury experience. Noteworthy aspects of the experience include the arrival, when guests are dropped off at the beautifully designed porte-cochère (traditional grand entrance) that reflects local architectural styles. Throughout each property, critical historical elements of the building have been carefully preserved such as art galleries, stately civic spaces and peaceful gardens. Dedicated butlers and protocol officers assigned to each guest ensure a personalized service. In addition to fine dining offerings featuring Saudi Arabian and regional- specific cuisine; each palace provides cultural and exhibition spaces, a boulevard gallery and green spaces decorated with art, sculptures and fountains. Guests can enjoy an exclusive membership club, with access to bespoke services and restricted areas.

Al Hamra Palace

Al Hamra Palace was built in the center of Jeddah upon King Faisal’s request in 1971 to transform it into a hospitality palace to host the Kingdom’s guests. Surveying the city’s Corniche, the palace pays eloquent tribute to traditional Arabic-Islamic architecture with richly adorned arched gateways, slanted roofs with aqua-green tiles, and a striking façade crafted from Riyadh stone.

The Red Palace

The Red Palace is located in the heart of old Riyadh. It was the first building to be constructed of reinforced concrete. It got its name because of its unique reddish color. In 1957, it became the headquarters of the Council of Ministers for 30 years. The palace then became the headquarters of the Board of Grievances until 2002.

Tuwaiq Palace

The history of Tuwaiq Palace is interwoven with state receptions and festivals celebrating arts and culture, due to its strategic location in the Diplomatic Quarter (DQ) in Riyadh, on approximately 110,000 sqm of land area. The palace was awarded the prestigious Aga Khan Award for its unique design that embraces the spirit of an oasis, blending in with its surrounding landscape.