Established in 2022
Saudi Arabia

About Ceer

Ceer is a trailblazing automotive brand at the forefront of Saudi Arabia's electric vehicle revolution. As the first Saudi automotive brand dedicated to manufacturing electric vehicles in the kingdom, Ceer embodies innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to shaping the future of mobility.

Our Vision

Ceer is poised to design, manufacture, and distribute a diverse range of vehicles tailored for discerning customers in Saudi Arabia and the broader Gulf region. Ceer's is proud to partner with BMW, utilizing licensed component technology to craft an exceptional lineup of sedans and sports utility vehicles. With vehicles that are meticulously engineered to redefine the driving experience, blending cutting-edge technology, reliability, and affordability.

A Commitment to Excellence

Ceer are not just building cars; they are pioneering a movement. The mission is clear: to design, build, and offer aspirational battery electric vehicles to the vibrant communities of Saudi Arabia and the GCC. Driven by a passion for innovation, to ensure that customers enjoy state-of-the-art automotive solutions that enhance their lives.

Aligned with Vision 2030

Ceer's establishment aligns seamlessly with the Public Investment Fund's (PIF) strategic vision. By focusing on promising sectors like the automotive industry, Ceer is contributing significantly to the objectives of Vision 2030. To attract substantial foreign direct investment, totaling over USD 150 million, and create up to 30,000 direct and indirect jobs. Moreover, Ceer is poised to make a remarkable impact, projecting a direct GDP contribution of USD 8 billion to Saudi Arabia's economy by 2034.