Cruise Saudi

Entertainment, Leisure and Sports
Saudi Arabia

Cruise Saudi is a new beacon of Vision 2030, creating an additional economic pillar, another growth engine and a new experiential dimension in Saudi Arabia's tourism sector. With an operational strategy founded on sustainable and environmental consciousness, Cruise Saudi is opening the doors of opportunity for tourism, business, culture and social economies along the pristine coastline of Saudi Arabia. Cruise Saudi is a 100% PIF-owned business based in Jeddah, KSA formed to develop the infrastructure and services required to scale a full-suite cruise market along the Saudi coastline. The company is responsible for the port development at key Saudi destinations as well as scaling cruise services from marketing, to Shorex coordination and vessel operations. Cruise Saudi is working hand-in-hand with regulatory and ministerial authorities to develop the cruise ecosystem offshore and onshore so that the Saudi coastline will become a premiere global cruise destination.