Elm Company

Telecom, Media and Technology
Established in 1988
Saudi Arabia

Serving society and facilitating lives is the notable feature of Elm since its beginning. Keeping pace with the digital acceleration in our changing world has encouraged Elm to accelerate its growth and expansion, and to offer more diverse innovative solutions according to the best global standards. We believe in Elm that the best solutions are not just technical. Rather, a good solution requires fulfilling the needs of our customers to achieve an integrated customer experience that reflects our identity and environment. Our greatest strength is our ability to carry out all of the above with all the integration and harmony between our major sectors and in accordance to the best practices in each sector, within an integrated creative environment, to achieve an outstanding customer experience. To achieve this, we divided the business sectors according to specialty including (Health, Industry, Transportation, Interior, Labor, Hajj, Umrah, Justice, Finance, Municipalities, Emerging Businesses, etc.) to ensure professionalism in the service provided in each sector. Each business unit analyzes customer experiences and creates common opportunities for customers. Also, these units act as a link between Elm sectors and customers in order to achieve the best outcomes. By consultations, we study the opportunity or problem and develop the best consulting solutions that commensurate with the labor market. We implement these digital solutions according to the highest level of technology. When our customers need an outsourcing, we also do so in the sense that the customer is a guest. We can also train, develop and transfer knowledge to human capacities.