Halal Products Development Company

Food and Agriculture
Established in 2021
Saudi Arabia

Halal Products Development Company (HPDC) is a Public Investment Fund owned company, with a mission to drive and strengthen capabilities within Saudi Arabia’s halal sectors and the global halal ecosystem. Through its investment and advisory services, HPDC works to empower its partners by providing the resources and expertise needed to reach their objectives. HPDC chooses a proactive approach to supporting development across the global halal industry, focusing on key sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics in addition to emerging technology in halal subsectors. HPDC strives to establish a vibrant, dynamic halal ecosystem in Saudi Arabia, helping to localize the halal industry, increase halal exports, foster innovation, and facilitate economic growth and diversification in line with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. As an important and active enabler of the global halal industry, HPDC aims to create value for its partners based on quality, consideration, and honesty values, promoting the holistic benefits of a halal lifestyle and positioning Saudi Arabia as the global halal hub through its operations.