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Saudi Arabia

About Sawani

Nestled in the heart of the vast Saudi desert and steeped in the country's rich heritage, camels have always been more than mere animals; they embody pride, tradition, and sustenance. Sawani emerged, rekindling the age-old connection to camel milk, a staple from the ancestors' era, famed for its myriad health benefits.

The Journey of Sawani

Inspired by the ancient "Sawani" concept, Sawani endeavors to provide fresh, natural camel milk products without added phosphates or cane sugar. Their commitment surpasses delivering premium products.

Aligned with Vision 2030

Sawani transforms the camel milk industry and aligns seamlessly with the Public Investment Fund's strategic vision. By focusing on the burgeoning food sector in the Kingdom, they contribute significantly to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives, fostering a sustainable national economy through diversification.