Southern Province Cement (SPCC)

Construction and Building Components and Services
Established in 1978
Saudi Arabia

Southern province cement company was established on 27.4.1399h, as per the regulations of the existing Saudi companies law. The company field of interest is producing cement and its related products. The total paid capital after being raised is SR 1,400,000,000. SPCC is considered one of the biggest cement companies in the middle east. It owns three factories in Jazan, Assir and Makkah regions. The total production capacity is 40,000 tons/day. SPCC won the King’s idle award twice, in 1985 and 1994, and also the safety first place in the competition arranged by the Saudi House for the Consultancy services. SPCC always cooperates with the other national factories and companies, exchange visits with them, contribute to seminars arranged by chamber of commerce, Arab cement union and the international conferences in the cement industry. SPCC usually cooperates with other national companies and put using national products as a priority in fulfilling its demands. SPCC adopted Nationalizations strategy. Training centers were established in its factories to train Saudis. SPCC, under the directions of its BOARD, started executing its plans to raise the Saudization percentage, and to raise the operational and productions efficiency to cope up with 2030 vision.