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Unlock limitless possibilities with PIF's Private Sector Hub - a dedicated platform for fostering collaborations between private sector companies and, PIF and its portfolio companies


Growing the private sector is one of the highest priorities for PIF considering its crucial role to the development and growth of the Saudi economy. PIF, as a key economic vehicle and an enabler for realizing the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, is committed to facilitating the private sector’s growth.

The PIF Private Sector Hub is designed to be a one stop shop for the private sector companies to engage with PIF and its portfolio companies across priority sectors. At the heart of this vision lies a commitment to connect entrepreneurs, investors, and suppliers with exceptional opportunities to drive Saudi Arabia's economic growth and prosperity.

Our portfolio

Private Sector Programs

Empowering the private sector to achieve our nation’s ambition

The PIF Programs are designed to facilitate the growth of the private sector. PIF launched MUSAHAMA Program to enhance the Local Content contribution of PIF with a Local Content target of 60% by 2025. In addition, PIF has launched the Supplier Development Program to develop suppliers’ capabilities and capacities by implementing measures across demand, supply, matchmaking and enabling pillars.

Private sector hub
Explore opportunities

Explore Opportunities

PIF’s ecosystem presents vast business opportunities for the private sector

The Explore Opportunities section provides a platform for private sector companies to discover and capitalize on investment opportunities within PIF portfolio companies' value chains. These opportunities span multiple sectors and offer attractive prospects for private sector companies to participate in PIF’s activities in the local economy.

Become a supplier

Become a Supplier

Securing supply chains for PIF projects while developing private sector capabilities

The Become a Supplier section helps establish partnerships with private sector suppliers and service providers, offering a simple registration process to access information on various opportunities. The section includes links to supplier registration portals of PIF and its portfolio companies.

Success stories

Success Stories

Celebrating the impactful collaborations with the Private Sector

The Success Stories section showcases a selection of companies that have achieved remarkable success through strategic partnerships with PIF and its portfolio companies. These stories provide a glimpse into how strategic partnerships can unlock remarkable growth and success in a variety of fields for the private sector companies.

Leadership Vision

Leadership Vision

As a catalyst of Vision 2030, PIF is driving the transformation of Saudi Arabia's economy by developing strategic sectors and solutions for the future. The Fund is spurring growth for the private sector to spearhead a sustainable national economy and help grow the global economy.



Finding answers to frequently asked questions related to the Private Sector Hub

The FAQs section provides informative answers to common questions, helping users navigate the Private Sector Hub effectively. This curated list of frequently asked questions assists users in understanding our processes, ensuring a smooth and informative experience on the platform.