Accelerated Manufacturing Program

Accelerated Manufacturing Program

The Accelerated Manufacturing Program (AMP) is a targeted initiative designed to empower emerging manufacturing companies to develop competitive, innovative products and services and grow their businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Fueling Saudi Arabia's Manufacturing Future

The program's mission is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of emerging manufacturers within Saudi Arabia and directly contribute to the local content objectives of PIF and its portfolio companies.

The Accelerated Manufacturing Program (AMP) can provide valuable support to achieve the intended goals. The program offers extensive training in business, product development, and production management, as well as personalized mentorship and coaching sessions.

This will help develop more competitive products, navigate growth strategies, and contribute to the country’s localization objectives. The program will be a strategic asset for participating companies connecting  them with strategic partners and experts that will support unlocking new opportunities.

The AMP will foster collaboration and knowledge sharing and will create a more interconnected and competitive manufacturing sector for the future.