Contractor Engagement Program

PIF aims to facilitate collaboration between its development companies and the private sector to enhance sector capacity, strengthen sector capability, and empower the private sector to support the delivery of Saudi Vision 2030.

Empowering Contractors

PIF Approach to Support and Collaboration

PIF aims to support contractors by providing visibility on upcoming demand, upskilling sessions through collaboration with its portfolio companies, and allowing contractors to present their capabilities to the portfolio companies and discuss potential collaboration.

  1.  Increasing awareness of the upcoming projects through 1-on-1 meetings, demand signaling in collaboration with PIF portfolio companies, local roadshows, public forums, and other public platforms.
  2. Building capabilities and educating on portfolio companies’ requirements through Contractor Upskilling Bootcamps. 
  3. Enhancing the level of engagement of established contractors through introductions and matching to portfolio companies’ projects

Join Our Initiative

Contractor Engagement Program

Submit your application for the Contractor Engagement Program to connect you with suitable opportunities. The  Contractor Engagement Program aims to empower contractors in the private sector.

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