Hitachi Energy’s partnership with PIF’s Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) is pioneering Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) manufacturing to elevate Saudi Arabia’s energy infrastructure

Hitachi Energy


Hitachi Energy, a globally acclaimed company, specializes in innovative and sustainable solutions across the utility, industry, and infrastructure sectors, emphasizing digital transformation and a carbon-neutral energy future. Hitachi has forged a strategic partnership with the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) to inaugurate the first manufacturing facility for High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) within Saudi Arabia. This collaboration was initiated in response to Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)'s substantial demand for GIS systems, stemming from the Kingdom's growing energy infrastructure needs.

Private Sector Partnership:

The partnership began with Hitachi's commitment to locally manufacture 250 GIS units in 2022. Demonstrating remarkable growth, this capacity surged to 700 GIS units in 2023. The upward trajectory is set to continue, with plans to double the production to 1,400 GIS units in 2024, positioning Hitachi as the world's largest GIS manufacturer with its partnership with PIF’s Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)

Impact and value creation:

The partnership between Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) and Hitachi in GIS manufacturing has not only positioned Saudi Arabia as a key player in the global market but also strengthened the local supply chain in terms of security and efficiency. This new facility reflects Hitachi's commitment to Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)'s requirements and transforms the region into a potential export center for GIS technology. This progress supports Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 by promoting localization and diversifying the economy, thereby enhancing its global presence in the energy sector and creating substantial value in terms of technological advancement and economic stability.

PIF is at the forefront of driving Saudi Arabia's economic transformation through various private sector initiatives. These initiatives are instrumental in facilitating the sustainable expansion of private enterprises and creating new job opportunities.