MZN tapped into PIF's hospitality, tourism initiatives to broaden the reach of their “Made-in-Saudi” products


MZN Bodycare, a Saudi Arabian natural body care products brand, scaled their business with support from Public Investment Fund (PIF). Collaboration with PIF's Local Content Growth Program, MUSAHAMA, helped MZN Bodycare enhance the visibility of its unique "Made-in-Saudi" products and contribute to the local economy.

Private Sector Partnership:

MZN Bodycare teamed up with PIF through its Local Content Growth Program, MUSAHAMA, that aims to enhance local content spending to 60% by the end of 2025. As part of this strategic partnership, MZN Bodycare supported PIF’s efforts to develop the local hospitality and tourism initiatives, by establishing partnerships with luxury hotel brands part of relevant Portfolio Companies of PIF (such as Red Sea Global). This helped MZN Bodycare showcase its unique products to a wider customer-base across KSA. Additionally, MZN Bodycare participated in the recent “PIF Private Sector Forum”, a unique initiative by PIF to empower and support the private sector, which aims at strengthening partnerships between PIF, its portfolio companies and the private sector.

MZN Bodycare's approach is centered on leveraging Saudi Arabia's diverse local natural resources. By incorporating local ingredients like Damask roses, lavender, and date seed oil into their skincare products, MZN Bodycare has carved a unique space for itself in the skincare industry. The company also prioritizes community development, demonstrated by their all-women production team, contributing to women empowerment.

Impact and Value Creation:

The strategic partnerships and alignment with PIF initiatives enabled MZN Bodycare to witness a remarkable growth trajectory. Additionally, by employing local women and using locally-sourced ingredients, MZN Bodycare is contributing to local economy and women empowerment.