Funding new human feature

Funding New Human Futures

The Fund is investing in societal impact to shape a new blueprint for how we all work and live, enhancing the quality of life, fostering development, and promoting prosperity.


The Public Investment Fund is the trusted transformer of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We believe that there is more to investment than money. Which is why we invest in people; we invest in change; and we invest in whatever it takes to create a brighter future for everyone. To fund new human futures, we focus on creating new economic sectors, opening new job opportunities and career paths, and making every human difference possible in the tomorrows of our people.

What we've achieved so far

Assets Under Management (approx.)


Direct and indirect jobs created


PIF portfolio companies created


Strategic sectors

  • Episode 1
    23 February 2021
    Episode 1

    Funding New Human Futures

  • Renewables and Sustainability
    09 February 2022
    Episode 2

    Renewables and Sustainability | Funding New Human Futures

  • Education and Employment
    28 April 2022
    Episode 3

    Education and Employment | Funding New Human Futures

    03 May 2023
    Episode 4

    ROSHN | Funding New Human Futures

  • Saudi Coffee Company
    23 May 2023
    Episode 5

    Saudi Coffee Company | Funding New Human Futures

  • 27 October 2022

    Regional Investment Companies

  • King Salman International Airport
    05 December 2022

    King Salman International Airport