Governance investment

Our Governance and Investment Decisions

PIF has developed and implemented a multi-faceted, world-class governance model to guide our domestic and global investment strategy and ensure the funds entrusted to us are well managed.

Investment Decisions

 The Fund monitors the performance of the portfolio companies by exercising its rights as a shareholder to maximize returns for all investors and achieve its strategic objectives.

The Fund undertakes a clear, methodical, and professional mechanism when selecting its investment sectors, as it relies on an investment policy specific to each sector, and clarifies the investment aims of each of its portfolios. These mechanisms also offer necessary details such as permissible assets, assigned targets, key performance indicators, and risk tolerance.

Investment Decision

Governance Framework

At the institutional level, PIF reports to the Council of Economic and Development Affairs. It has a public legal personality, as well as financial and administrative independence. Different administrative levels are interconnected under the supervision of the PIF Board of Directors to ensure transparent communication, effective work and significant progress to achieve specific and clear results.

  1. Appointments of PIF Board of Directors

  2. Formation of Board Committees

  3. Appointments of PIF Executive Management

  4. Formation of Executive Management Committees

  5. Information that should be disclosed to the public

External Investment Manager Selection

PIF aims to generate value through a focused and diligent selection of investments in funds that are consistent with our long-term investment roadmap and strategic asset allocation.

External Investment Manager Selection

Santiago Principles

Santiago Principles are a set of 24 generally accepted principles and practices (GAPPs) related to institutional governance and risk management frameworks of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs). By adhering to the Santiago Principles, SWFs can enhance their credibility, strengthen investor trust, and contribute to sustainable economic growth. The International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) is an organization of global sovereign wealth funds entrusted to serve as a guide for its members towards aligning their practices with the Santiago Principles in a voluntary manner.




Though not a member of the IFSWF, PIF adopted the GAPPs wholeheartedly and fortified its commitment to the Santiago Principles through the publication of a self-assessment report, demonstrating alignment of its governance practices, risk management framework, and internal policies with all respective principles. This showcases the Fund’s determination to support and implement these principles and practices as part of its efforts to achieve the highest standards of excellence.