Contractor Program

PIF has developed programs dedicated to contractors within the private sector to support contractors by facilitating easy registration for PIF development companies' projects, enhancing capacity and capability across the sector, and providing financing support. 

Contractor Pre-qualification Program

The Pre-qualification Program (PQP) is a common, digital platform designed to assist contractors interested to work with PIF development companies by facilitating registration and pre-qualification process. The platform is developed in collaboration with Saudi Contractors Authority (SCA). The platform serves as one of the channels for registration and pre-qualification, complementing the regular channels available within each company’s system.


Join the Contractor Pre-Qualification Platform


The Contractor Pre-qualification Program pre-qualifies contractors based on specific qualification criteria such as compliance, experience, etc. To register your company for this program, refer to the following steps:


  1. Register in Muqawil.org

  3. Choose the PIF Pre-Qualification Program from the “Qualification Service” section

  5. Start completing requirements and apply

Once you complete the registration steps above, our team will review the application and get in touch if your profile aligns with our collaboration opportunities. 

Contractor Engagement Program

PIF aims to facilitate collaboration between its development companies and the private sector to enhance sector capacity, strengthen sector capability, and empower the private sector to support the delivery of Vision 2030.


Contractor Financing Program

The Contractor Financing Program (CFP), with its suite of initiatives, is committed to addressing financing related hurdles that contractors face in delivering Development Company (DevCo) projects. A cohesive approach will unify the efforts of key ecosystem players to realize the country’s ambitions.

Key elements of the program

CFP offers a series of initiatives tailored to support contractors in securing financing, enabling them to successfully participate and execute DevCo projects.


Credit Assessment of PIF Contractors (CAPC)

A credit rating system, tailored for the contracting sector, will serve as the gateway to unlock exclusive benefits offered by CFP


Improved Payment Cycles and Terms

Enhancements to DevCo processes and contracts will enable healthier cash flows for contractors


Integrated Contractor Financing Journey

A one-stop digital platform will provide end-to-end visibility of the contractor financing journey to ecosystem players


Tailored Financing Products for Contractors

Additional sources of contractor financing offered through our partners will ensure tailored support to contractors of all sizes