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With effective, long-term investments, PIF endeavors to be a leading investor while sparking an impact felt beyond Saudi borders. PIF maintains a leading and impactful investment strategy in line with Vision 2030, to drive Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation through active, long-term investments and high standards of governance and transparency.

Investment Pools

The Fund developed six investment portfolios, four of which are local, two global, after review of the assets under its management, and they are:

Sources of Funding

PIF funding sources are represented through four main sources:
PIF is required to invest and reinvest available funds in order to achieve its objectives for the benefit of the public welfare, support economic development, and diversify sources of income for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hence, when considering dividends declaration, the Board of Directors shall consider PIF’s mission, vision, and long-term sustainability, in accordance with the Dividends Distribution Policy.

PIF operational spending is set out annually through its annual budget and approved in line with the internal Delegation of Authority. PIF, as an independent entity, generally does not have any visibility on matters relating to the spending requirements of the Government.

Sectors We Are Investing In

The Fund has worked to incentivize the Kingdom’s private sector by investing in new and promising sectors that can create job opportunities, develop capabilities, and allow the local economy to compete regional and internationally. The Fund is still active in managing its companies by defining and developing the strategies and initiatives in a number of sectors.